How To Order

  • 1. Call us for the detail:

    • Types of goods
    • Item weight
    • Address of retrieval of goods
    • Address of consignee
    • The type of truck / trailer / container that will be used is how many units
    • When to execute, Date of item collection and time (hour)
    • Completeness of goods documents
    • Documents that must be returned back to the sender who has been signed and stamped by the recipient
    • The payment DP for new customers is 70%, the remaining 30% when the goods arrive at the location
    • For customers, the system invoice is in accordance with the agreement
  • 2. Our party will provide receipt number indicating that you have booked

  • 3. Implementation (retrieval of goods) as agreed

  • 4. The trip to the recipient's address is always monitored by the CV Team. Sumbako Jaya through communication to drivers and via GPS.

  • 5. Arriving at the consignee

    Signs of the letter (document) of the road and stamp by the recipient that has been authorized by the sender and recipient. If there is a travel document (item document) that must return to the sender we will send it back to the sender

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